Distributed by : Blue Print Brand,  ​Brookyn NY

Montauk Distilling Co. has teamed up with Master Distiller Vince Oleson to create "71st Regiment" Gin

Montauk Distilling Co's. "71st Regiment" Gin derives its flavorful characteristics from a recipe of 17 natural botanicals extracted meticulously to compliment subtle Juniper notes. We use Grains of Paradise, Pomelo, Cubeb, Coriander, Hawthorn Berries, Orris Root, Fennel Seed, Green Peppercorn, Chamomile, Cucumber, Birch Bark, Cacao Nibs, Lavender, and Rose petal to add depth & complexity on top of exotic spice aromas. It is balanced with Honeysuckle and Bayberry Bark which are native to Long Island, NY. 

 Finally, it is slowly distilled for a bold yet elegant profile. 

71st Regiment is a unique, yet traditional American Gin from seed to sip.

Drink Responsibly....